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Below are the upcoming online lipreading classes starting in May 2024:

Beginners Online Lipreading Class

Get in touch to reserve your place, or for more information. 

If you want to get started soonest, a private 1-1 lipreading course is the best way to proceed.

What Equipment Will I Need? 

You will need to have access to the Internet, a computer with a WebCam and an up-to-date version of Zoom. If at all possible, please DO NOT join classes using a mobile phone, or tablet/iPad. During the lipreading lesson, the tutor may be utilising some advanced Zoom functionality, which does not work well on mobile phones or tablet/iPad devices. You are requested to join the classes using a laptop or desktop machine, ensuring that your Zoom software is installed, and up to date. Please avoid using the web-based version of Zoom, if possible & install the Zoom software on your computer. Automated captions will be available, but are not always reliable. If you are able to link your device to your hearing aids, please ensure this is set up before the class begins.

These sessions are delivered in spoken English, not British Sign Language. Most students have some residual hearing.

These lipreading classes are not recorded, and are not available for retrospective viewing.

You will need to be a reasonably competent, basic Zoom user. You will certainly need to be able to access/leave the room without assistance.

If you have any kind of assistive technology for hearing loss, please make sure that they are all set up prior to joining the classroom.

How Long Are These Lipreading Courses?

The lipreading lessons will last about 1.5 hours. There will be an eye-break in the middle, which is a chance to rest your eyes, get up from your device and maybe make a cup of tea. Learning lipreading online can be quite hard work, it is important that we step away from the screen in the course of the lesson.

How Is This Online Lipreading Course Arranged?

This lipreading course  is designed to help you learn the basics, and develop a little more confidence about how to interact with other people regardless of your hearing loss. In the classes, we will be learning lip-shapes within the context of everyday conversation, topics of interest and occasionally, some rather outlandish lesson content! You will get the opportunity to practice with your classmates, as well as the tutor. These lip reading courses are completely online, and intended to be informal, relaxed and accessible.  If you have been unable to find a lipreading class near you, then these online lessons solve that problem. In addition, your type of hearing loss should not be a barrier to becoming an active participant in the lessons.

Please note, these classes will not be conducted using British Sign Language. However, we will be utilising the BSL fingerspelling alphabet, but learning to lipread is the focus. We use the BSL alphabet to indicate initial letters of words, when they are not particularly visible.

What Are the Benefits of Learning to Lipread?

For those of us with hearing loss, learning to lipread can have a significant impact on quality of life. That is not to say it is without its challenges. Learning lipreading involves lots of attentive awareness, but is mainly the act of using visual cues, such as facial expressions and mouth movements, to understand information in a spoken language. Learning this valuable skill can help improve communication, reduce frustration and increase social engagement for individuals with hearing loss. Lip reading also helps to optimise the use of hearing aids or other assistive devices. This provides greater independence and freedom. With the help of an ATLA  qualified lipreading teacher you can  learn lipreading in a supportive and engaging online environment. By incorporating a little bit of lipreading into your daily routine, you can experience the benefits of improved communication and increased social interaction, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Hearing loss does not mean you have to miss out on these things. Invest in your hearing health and take the first step towards better communication by booking a lipreading class today.

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