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Why "Lipreading & Managing Hearing Loss"?

Learning to lipread isn't just about reading the lips! It's helpful to understand more about the types of hearing loss, some of the causes and exactly how hearing loss can affect you & your loved ones. Increasingly, lipreading classes take into account the societal aspect of hearing loss. There is no doubt that lipreading group classes are more suitable if you would prefer a supportive environment of other people with hearing loss. Sometimes, it's good to share with a group of others who are experienced the same problems that you are. Please bear in mind that 1-1 sessions do not include that group aspect.

The 1-1 private lipreading lessons include advice for managing your own particular hearing loss, and practical strategies that you can use every day. These are not therapeutic interventions, but rather real-life methods that you can utilise to make life that little bit easier.

Do You Offer Audiology Services?

No. These sessions are purely lipreading based, and do not include any kind of medical advice. The tutor is not a healthcare professional, and does not offer any kind of clinical guidance.  

Can You Advise on Hearing Aids? 

No. The tutor is not affiliated to any hearing aid providers, and does not advocate for any particular provider. However, we may discuss types of hearing aid, assisted listening devices, alerting devices and hearing loss technology in the course of a session. You should consult your own NHS ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) service, or private hearing aid provider if you are looking for a hearing aid.

Where Can I Find Further Information about Hearing Loss?

There are a number of excellent websites, and organisations you can find out more with.

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